What The Enemy Meant For Evil, The Lord Turned It For The Good, Brian Banks Can Testify

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

Brian Banks had the football world in his hands at the precious age of 19. Scholarships from many of the top football programs in the country flooded his home. With a full ride at USC, Banks was sure of football success under, then, head coach Pete Carroll.

Until Banks’ foreseen future was taken away due to being falsely accused.

Banks spent 10 years in prison, and after being released, his once great ability of being a tremendous linebacker was incarcerated forever.

After a few failed attempts to play football once again, Banks’ future was in question.

Nevertheless, the Father has away of making what the enemy meant for evil for the good (Gen. 50:20, NKJ).

Banks has a testimony, and what he went through was not for him, but for all of us. Witness his story and see how a false imprisonment set him up for his life changing breakthrough and true destiny in the NFL.

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