Tim Tebow: The Stage Of The NFL Is For Tebow To Do Something Greater

Tim Tebow/Google Images

Tim Tebow/Google Images


Was being selected in the first round a mistake or a divine plan for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow in 2010? A mistake at not being a worthy early selection or a plan to make sense out of something that, technically, does not make sense in terms of performing and winning?


Tebow is not the typical, traditional signal-caller. Standing 6’3,” 236 lbs. Tebow is the ideal size for a quarterback, and being strong and healthy helps. However, the mechanics of throwing and delivering the ball to receivers in a timing matter separates a successful quarterback from a bust for that position. 



Tebow may not be able to do the things that an average quarterback can do on the NFL level. In fact, if any other quarterback had the challenges that Tebow has, they would be deep on a team’s depth chart or out the league. 


Tim Tebow/Google Images

Tim Tebow/Google Images



NFL experts make a living and build their reputation through knowledge of their respective game. With countless statements of Tebow’s poor delivery and muscle memory for throwing a football, NFL experts and analysts were not wrong. 



Nevertheless, Tebow has won.                                                                                                



Tebow was surrounded by a solid defensive unit with a strong running game to match. 



Moreover, if it was not for Tebow’s belief in winning, while providing hope to be victorious in any situation as he fought and laid his passion on the line, his teammates would not have given their all on the field during a period where all anticipation of reaching the playoffs was hopeless.



Tebow, a Christian man with strong faith, believes that all things are possible. Whether or not Tebow becomes a Super Bowl champion or a Hall of Famer, his impact is far greater than winning football games.




“I call him (Tebow) my miracle baby,” said the mother of Tim, Pam Tebow, in a 2010 commercial Super Bowl Ad from Focus on Family.



“He almost didn’t make it into this world. I can remember so many times when I almost lost him. It was so hard.”



Clearly, Tebow is all about ministry—providing hope through his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ—and he is used the greatest sport stage, the sport he loves—the NFL—to deliver his messages, as he is, globally, converting converts and occupying cultures.



The word “Tebowing” is now a part of the English language and was one of the most popular words in 2010. Tebowing is a kneeling position in which Tebow takes before and in moments during the game as he prays with one knee down and his arm resting on the other leg despite whatever is going on. The “Tebowing” site has photos of people from around the world in Tebow’s praying position. If that’s not occupying a culture, then what is?



Tebow has probably reached people that he would have never impacted, even if he stood behind a pulpit to deliver God’s word. Bailey Knaub, a Thompson High Valley High School student from Loveland, Colo., had undergone 73 surgeries and had one lung removed. At the age of seven, Knaub was diagnosed with autoimmune disease, a disease in which one’s immune system is design to protect the body from disease and infections, but the illness works in reverse and attacks healthy cells mistakenly. Tebow touched her and met many inmates in prison.


Tim Tebow/Google Images

Tim Tebow/Google Images



Sports stars are idolized by millions of people through the world, especially in the United States, as they can captivate hearts and, at times, provide an escape from everyday life.



Tebow is in a position where he can impact lives and inspire dreams through the vehicle of playing football.



In terms of football, Tebow does not have the prettiest numbers, as he struggled throughout contests.  Tebow finished the 2010 regular season with 1,729 passing yards, 660 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns (six rushes) with six interceptions. Clearly, Tebow is respected among his peers as a person, a winner and a football player—which truly matters.



“I think it’s amazing. I really do,” said All-Pro Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen on Tebow. 



“I think to have a positive message out there, especially in this league when we get so much negative attention when things happen. He’s (Tebow) football play aside; he’s a heck of a player. I don’t know if he’s going to be a good quarterback or what not, but he’s a heck of a football player.



“But to step in the forefront for his faith and having a positive message tied to his name, I think it’s great,” he added. “I just hope people realize that when he kneels, he’s praying, not Tebowing; he’s actually praying.”



When Tebow took the field, thoughts of something strange may happen, as situations around him allowed the former Heisman Trophy winner to succeed.


Google Images

Google Images



The overtime comeback win in Miami against the Dolphins, the collapses of the New York Jets defense and Chicago Bears running back Marion Barber actions on running out of bounds, blowing the opportunity to run the clock for the win, and his dramatic fumble in overtime.    



Those three wins, along with the victory over the Vikings in Week 13, helped the Broncos to get in position to get to the postseason.



The first and only sign of Tebow being a legitimate quarterback in the NFL was on Wild-Card Weekend when he led the Broncos to a 29-23 overtime victory over the big, bad, but beat-up Pittsburgh Steelers.  Tebow thrown for 316 yards, including his game-winning 80-yard touchdown pass to tight end Demaryius Thomas on the first play from scrimmage in overtime.



Tebow was definitely the talk of the 2011 NFL season. According to Hall of Fame quarterback, now vice president of football operation for the Broncos John Elway, Tebow will enter training camp of the 2012 NFL season as the team’s starting quarterback.


Tim Tebow/Google Images

Tim Tebow/Google Images



Tebow is a special individual who happens to be a professional athlete. There are countless professional athletes who continuously do great things for the needy and those who are temporarily struggling through their foundations. Are their actions genuine or just for a tax write-off?  Who knows.  Many athletes thank and acknowledge God in celebrations and achievements, in which some are sincere in their honor, while others address Him as a formality.         



As Allen mentioned, players are in the news for committing foolish acts on and off the field. Tebow has been a breath of fresh air among professional athletes. Several players in the NFL may be sick of hearing about Tebow because he’s a do-gooder, and in performance, the former Gator is view as not being outstanding in his position.



Just remember this, as Tebow continues his NFL career, he may never be a great player, and the 2011 season could probably be his best season ever. If Tebow disappears from the NFL in a couple of years, that’s OK, because the stage of the league opened doors for him to do greater things in ministry, doors that may never have been open to him.



So, don’t try to figure out why and how Tebow was able to accomplish success on the field the way he did. Oftentimes, the foolish things are used to confound the wise, which Tebow’s performance did for the 2011 NFL season.



And the Broncos may insert players and systems to help Tebow be successful for the sake of winning football games. Ultimately, for Tebow, the NFL stage is not for the football world, in terms of wins and losses, but for a much greater cause: his ministry.


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