The Combine Report: RCI Pioneers Rolling In NFL Rookie Mini-Camps

RCI Players Competing Hard In NFL Rookie Mini-Camps

Several months ago, these NFL hopefuls were dreaming of the opportunity to don an NFL jersey. After successful collegiate careers and a solid showing at NFL Regional Combine Invitational, these athletes are no longer dreamers, but NFL players.

Though their long journey continues, let’s embrace and enjoy the accomplishments of these pioneers thus far.

Here are images of some NFL Regional Combine pioneers in NFL mini-camps across the league for the 2018 campaign.

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Image result for alex mcgough seahawks

QB ALEX McGOUGH, seventh-round pick (220th-overall) by the Seattle Seahawk, during passing drills at the Seahawks’ rookie mini-camp.

Jordan Maliata/Google Images

OT JORDAN MAILATA, seventh-round pick 233rd-overall, taking instruction at the Philadelphia Eagles’ rookie mini-camp.

Austin Proehl/

WR AUSTIN PROEHL, seventh-round selection (255th-overall), brilliantly fielding a pass at Buffalo Bills mini-camp.

Luke McNitt/

FB LUKE McNITT, undrafted free agent, executing running back drills for the Atlanta Falcons.

Vyncint Smith/

WR VYNCINT SMITH, undrafted free agent, running through a drill for the Houston Texans.

Mike Cirino/

DB MIKE CIRINO, undrafted free agent, digging in for the Indianapolis Colts.

Mike Love/

DE MIKE LOVE, undrafted free agent, featured at Buffalo Bills camp.

Peter Pujals/

QB PETER PUJALS, undrafted free agent, putting work in for the Minnesota Vikings.

Jawill Davis/

WR JAWILL DAVIS, undrafted free agent, executing passing drills for New York Giants.

Steven Dunbar Jr./Google Images

WR STEVEN DUNBAR JR., undrafted free agent, going high for a pass at San Francisco 49ers mini-camp.

Shay Fields/

WR SHAY FIELDS, undrafted free agent, running onto the Washington Redskins’ practice field.

Anthony Mahoungou/

WR ANTHONY MAHOUNGOU, undrafted free agent, hauling in a pass at Philadelphia Eagles’ mini-camp.

Christian Scotland-Williamson/

TE CHRISTIAN SCOTLAND-WILLIAMSON,¬†former English professional rugby player, now undrafted free agent, executing drills at the Pittsburgh Steelers’ mini-camp.

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