The Combine Report: How Can The Covid-19 Pandemic Create An Opportunity For 2020 NFL Talents? Another Combine For 2021 Campaign?

Can It, Will There Be Any Exceptions Made For 2021?

With plans of restoration for Americans, and the nation’s economy being reestablished due the country’s shutdown of the coronavirus outbreak, will there be an effort for the unknown 2020 NFL prospects to earn an opportunity for the 2021 NFL campaign?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the face of America, and the world. With the death toll in the tens of thousands, necessary precautions have been incorporated, and steps to secure safety will continue.

2015 NFL Super Regional Combine/

With stimulus packages and relief payment restructuring to help keep Americans on their feet, the chance of restoring and succeeding in the “new normal” will occur.

America will bounce back with opportunities to strive once again after the issue with the covid-19 pandemic is resolved by either elimination or coping practices.

Unforeseen circumstances normally force changes in situations that do not transpire. Regarding NFL talents on a draft year basics, the eligibility requirements are vise gripped with no exception.

NFL team decision-makers are locked in for current years only, and the NFL Scouting Combine went as scheduled for the 2020 NFL season slightly before the nation shutdown.

Should changes be implemented for the NFL hopefuls who were invited to the 2020 NFL Regional Combine Invitational and HBCU Combine for the 2021 NFL season since platforms fell through due to the unforeseen epidemic?

NFL Football Operations (FOPs) always has been all in for creating opportunities for the omitted – thus the NFL Regional Combine Invitational, and now, the NFL HBCU Combine.

Mar. 26, 2017 (Tempe, ARI) – Quarterback Will Arndt tossing passes at the NFL Pro Player Combine. (Photo by: John Moore/

The blueprint for a situation of refurnishing an opportunity has already been instituted by FOPs via the NFL Pro Player Combine (PPC).

Based off the concept of the NFL Veteran Combine in 2015, the Pro Player Combine was introduced for former NFL players, who were no more than a year absent from the game, to perform in a combine format before all 32 NFL team representatives.

There are no legitimate professional football spring leagues generating to start. And largely due to the The Alliance of American Football (AAF) and XFL, NFL Football Operations suspended the PPC platform believing that many of the credible, available talents would not be willing participants as playing football is a stronger indicator to reprise talent.

Now that the AAF and XFL have folded, the proven platform has the stage once again, if allotted.

The best reasoning for a solid return: there will be NFL hopefuls who will be privileged for the opportunity to showcase their skill set in front of true NFL decision-makers.

And if invited, the unknown gems, who were held captive by the cancellation of RCI and HBCU Combine, due to coronavirus pandemic, will be geared up for the job interview of a lifetime.

A Pro Player Combine style platform would be more essential for the HBCU gems named for the 2020 trial.

While majority of the NFL Regional Combine Invitational listers signed to team rosters, only nine HBCU players from the annual brand combine received ‘the phone call,’ which did not scratch the surface for the potential talents agreeing to attend.

After a year of preparation and hope, small school talents will probably fashion their drills and performances better than what they would have done for the 2020 sessions.

Roy Robertson-Harris/Google Images

There is a silver lining that can be drawn with special accommodations needed.

The pandemic has destroyed lives – spiritually, emotionally, economically and – physically. It also hampered countless opportunities. However, what can be salvaged is put in motion for Americans.

Why can’t NFL hopefuls be granted with the liberty of a combine workout?

NFL teams are satisfied with their organizational scouting processes, and are willing to move on to the 2021 eligibility core group of players for the NFL.

FOPs has quietly taken on major initiatives to assist and chartering quality for the field of play and procedures.

Don’t be surprised if something is instituted as the NFL Regional Combine platform is designed to not leave talent left behind, even after a national crisis.


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