The Combine Report: 2018 CFL Season – RC Standouts Making A Home North Of The Border

34 NFL Regional Combine Participates Excelling In The CFL

By, Barry Barnes, Founder

The ultimate dream of a football player truly dedicated to the game is having the opportunity to play professionally.

The NFL Regional Combine has made it possible for many to fulfill their dream of actually playing in the NFL. The RC has also made it possible for others to play north of the border in the Canadian Football League (CFL).

The CFL is not the NFL, however, playing football professionally is what ultimately matters.  And, the CFL is an essential league that can birth great careers that sometimes lead back to the NFL.

Thirty-four players from the RC are now experiencing gridiron success in the CFL. Many of these pioneers bring NFL experience, while the rest are building solid resumes.

Keep an eye on these profiled CFL players this season – and beyond.


March 25, 2017 – Ashland, VA – Quarterback Michael Birdsong during passing drills at the 2017 Washington-held NFL Regional Combine. (Photo by: John Moore –


QB Michael Birdsong who was signed in January.

T David Foucault who was a member of the Carolina Panthers for two seasons.

CB Mike Lee who was a member of the Los Angeles Chargers practice squad, signed in March.

WR Danny Vandervoort, a 2017 rookie, who has one reception for 25 yards to his credit.


DL Alex Bazzie appeared in 56 games and has recorded 105 tackles, 32 sacks and two forced fumbles for the Lions in four seasons. He played for the Panthers, Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts. He signed in February.

DL Jake Ceresna is a 2017 rookie with 18 tackles, including two sacks. He was acquired via trade with the Redblacks.

QB Zach Kline who signed last season on the practice roster.

DB Mercy Maston who is a 2017 rookie with 27 tackles.

LB Terrance Bullitt who is a 2017 rookie with four tackles.


Jameer Thurman/Google Images


RB Ante Milanovic-Litre is a 2017 rookie with eight rushes for 26 yards and a touchdown.

LB Jameer Thurman  is a 2017 rookie with  65 tackles, including a sack and two interceptions.


LB Rakim Cox played in the NFL for four seasons (Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins and Panthers) and was a part of the Panthers’ Super Bowl team in 2016. He had four tackles last season for the Roughriders.

WR Duron Carter had a stint with the Colts in 2015. His career numbers in the CFL are 258 receptions for 3,920 yards and 27 touchdowns. He is a two-time CFL All-Star.

WR Naaman Roosevelt played in the NFL for five seasons, primarily with the Buffalo Bills. Career NFL numbers are 25 receptions for 396 yards and a touchdown. His career CFL numbers are 176 catches for 2,618 yards and 15 touchdowns. He was a 2017 CFL West All-Star.

DB Chris Lyles is a 2017 rookie with 19 tackles.

DL Zach Minter had a two year stint in the NFL. His CFL career numbers are 28 tackles, including six sacks and a forced fumble.


Trent Corney/Google Images


DE Chris Casher signed last season.

DE Trent Corney’s CFL career numbers are 29 tackles, including four sacks.

LB Shayne Gauthier’s CFL career numbers are 17 tackles, including a forced fumble.

LB Ian Wild’s CFL career numbers has 281 tackles, including eight sacks and eight forced fumbles, an interception and two touchdowns.


WR Damarr Aultman, a 2017 rookie, has seven receptions for 121 yards and two touchdowns.

DT Davon Coleman played three seasons in the NFL primarily with the Dallas Cowboys and registered three tackles. Last season, he finished with 41 tackles, including five sacks for the Ticats.

DB Mariel Cooper, a 2017 rookie, has eight tackles, including a forced fumble.

QB Dane Evans signed in 2017.

DE Julian Howsare played in the NFL for three seasons, primarily with the New York Jets. He signed in February.


QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson was a journeyman in the NFL and won the Grey Cup last season.

DT Linden Gaydosh’s CFL career numbers are 11 tackles, including three sacks.

OL Sean McEwen won the Leo Dandurand Trophy in 2017 and is a CFL All-Star.

WR Brian Tyms had several stints with teams in the NFL and won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2014. NFL career numbers were seven receptions for 94 yards and a touchdown. CFL career numbers are 29 catches for 237 yards and a touchdown.



QB Will Arndt was signed in 2017.

DL Teidrick Smith is a 2017 rookie with one tackle.

WR Joshua Stangby’s CFL career numbers are 43 receptions for 500 yards and five touchdowns.


DT Justin Zimmer is a 2017 rookie with three tackles.

WR Lonnie Outlaw was signed in January.


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