Jatavis Brown

The Combine Report: Next Up For A Big Pay Day, LB Jatavis Brown

Two standouts from the NFL Regional Combine platform signed huge contracts this year. Following three seasons with the Los… Follow @@Locker_Report

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NFL Regional Combine Standouts Solid At Mini-Camp, A Few See The Light At End Of The Tunnel

Summer time is right around the corner, but the heat has turned up now as NFL players took the… Follow @@Locker_Report

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The Combine Report: The 2019 NFL Draft – Will This Be The Best Selection Process For The RC Platform?

Since 2013, an average of 2.7 players who ventured through the NFL Regional Combine platform were drafted in… Follow @@Locker_Report

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2019 NFL Regional Combine Invitational Preview – Who Got Next, Defensively?

KANSAS CITY, MO – The NFL Regional Combine Invitational (RCI) enters in its second session with much higher expectations. Follow @@Locker_Report

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The Combine Report: A Year To Remember 2018 – Defense

Since the start of the NFL Regional Combine platform, defensive standouts carried the stage with excellence. And despite… Follow @@Locker_Report

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The Combine Report: Week 16 – Smith Put Texans In Position For The 2nd Seed, Simonson Gets Into Endzone

Week 16 of the NFL was all about either securing a playoff spot or earning a better seed position…. Follow @@Locker_Report

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The Combine Report: Week 15 Mullens, 49ers Held Off Seahawks’ Early Title Celebration

Week 15 of the NFL did not make the playoff picture clear. It is jacked up, which made the… Follow @@Locker_Report

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The Combine Report: Week 14 – Roberts In The Clutch For The Raiders, Mullens Spoiled Broncos’ Hopes

If someone was not a football fan before last weekend, and they watched a little bit of the NFL’s… Follow @@Locker_Report

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The Combine Report: Week 13 – Brown In The Middle For Chargers Comeback, Pats Slow Down Thielen

The Week 13 marathon in the NFL was thrilling with solid comebacks and surprises. Along with the excellence of… Follow @@Locker_Report

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Week 13 RC Spotlight: Villanueva Keep Roethlisberger Clean From Brown? Mullens Goes For 2-2

It’s “get down” time in NFL Week 13 as no ┬áteams have the luxury of a bye week. So,… Follow @@Locker_Report

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