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The Combine Report: The Grind Does Not Stop, 33 RC Standouts In XFL Draft Pool

To dream for an opportunity of a lifetime is one thing, but to actually taste…Follow @@Locker_Report

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The Combine Report: RC Pioneers Look To Make Their Mark In The AAF

There has never been a time when the game of football was so rich with legitimate opportunities. The NFL… Follow @@Locker_Report

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RC Pioneers, NFL Vets Approach The NFL Pro Player Combine With A Business Mentality

Tampa, FLA – The atmosphere was intense Sunday as NFL veterans entered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers training… Follow @@Locker_Report

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The Combine Report: The RC Load NFL Rosters With 121, Most Ever Including 38 Rookies

By: Barry Barnes, Founder In the 2017 NFL Draft, no NFL Regional Combine… Follow @@Locker_Report

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The Combine Report: 2017 RC Class Is 39 Strong In The NFL

By: Barry Barnes, Founder Following a slow start of signings and no player drafted from the platform, the 2017 Follow @@Locker_Report

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The Combine Report: 22 RC Players Were Signed As UDFA. NFL Teams Being Safe?

By: Barry Barnes, Founder NFL clubs deemed 22 out of the 780 NFL hopefuls who attended the Follow @@Locker_Report

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