Super Bowl XLVIII Seahawks/Broncos: Second Quarter Notes

By: Barry Barnes, Founder/Senior Writer

-Entering the second quarter, the Seattle Seahawks finished off where they left in the first quarter as running back Marshawn Lynch capped the drive with a one-yard touchdown run with 12:00 remaining to make it a 15-0 game. 

-With under 10 minutes in the second quarter, the Denver Broncos got their first first down of the game. From there, the Broncos slowly started to find their rhythm.

-However, after converting four straight first downs, The Broncos was faced with a third-and-23 on Seattle’s 35-yard line. Manning was pressured as Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril forced Broncos tackle Orlando Frankin into Manning to cause him to throw a floating pass and linebacker Malcolm Smith intercepted the ball to return the play for a 69-yard touchdown, making it a 22-0 match.

Second Quarter Summary

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The Broncos converted three third-and-shorts for first downs, but their receivers continued to be unsure as what to do against the physical Seahawks defense. 

The Broncos sorely needed to Manning-up against the Seahawks as they appeared to have intimated Denver’s pass catchers. The Seahawks continuously pressured Manning throughout the first half.

Down 22-0, the Broncos had a chance to close the gap from the Seahawks’ 19-yard line on fourth-and-2, but the pressure on Manning made him come up short. 


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