Super Bowl XLVIII Seahawks/Broncos: First Quarter Notes

By: BarryBarnes, Founder/Senior Writer

With :59 seconds remaining, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning forced a deep pass over the middle and safety Kam Chancellor surprisingly, to himself, pick off the pass. Tight end Julius Thomas did not help the situation as he ran a bad route.

The Seahawks enter the second quarter in scoring position.

First Quarter Summary 

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Google Images

-The Seahawks scored the fastest points in Super Bowl history as the Broncos center Manny Ramirez snapped the ball over the head of quarterback Peyton Manning was ready and the loose ball forced out of bounce. The Seahawks got a safety with 14:4, 2-0. 

-The Seahawks got the ball with decent field position and they did not waste anytime getting the ball in wide receiver Percy Harvin’s hands as he took a hand off on a reverse to pick up 30 yards, and if his foot was a little smaller, he would have scored with 13:58.

The Seahawks were the aggressor in the opening quarter. Quarterback Russell Wilson came out throwing the ball, targeting Harvin and Steve Baldwin. A couple of bad passes and drops show a little nervousness on the young Sea-Chickens, but they held the Broncos in check.

At the end of the first quarter, the Broncos had eleven yards to the Seahawks eight points.

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