Mike Reed May Treat Himself Again If He Stays Undefeated, Morales Next

By: Barry Barnes, Founder/Senior Writer

Occasionally, treating yourself to something different isn’t bad, especially when it’s time to celebrate. For light welterweight Mike “Yes Indeed” Reed, hanging out with his brothers to knock down some pins at a bowling alley, and eating a burger, was a treat. Reed has a balanced diet and is careful about what he eats.

However, after winning his last fight against Jorge Marquez on Jan. 18 to remain undefeated at 9-0, 6 KOs, going bowling and eating a burger was fitting for this champion.

Mike Reed (left)/Jorge Marquez (right)/eastsideboxing.com

Mike Reed (left)/Jorge Marquez(right)/eastsideboxing.com

“Yeah, I went bowling a couple of times and I went out to eat, and I had a burger,” said Reed when asked what he did during his break. “I normally don’t eat burgers like that, but I had a burger. Pretty much, I went out with my brothers just to celebrate the fight and that was about it.”

Well, there’s no telling when Reed with sink his teeth into another burger, but it is determined that Reed will be licking his chops Saturday night as the Maryland standout will journey to Atlantic City, New Jersey to face Nicaraguan boxer Alberto Morales (Miami, FL/11-3-1, 8 KOs) in a six-round bout.

The getdown will be held at Bally’s as Glen Tapia/Keenan Collins will headline the card. Other boxers featured on the card includes Jesse Hart, Toka Khan Clary, Egidhijus Kavaliaukas, and Julian Rodriguez. 

Since turning pro last year, Reed has been noticed more when he is out and about. In a sense, public reaction has been a bit of a life changing experience for the fighter.

“One of the biggest things is that I notice is people recognize me now,” said Reed. “That’s cool. I can be at the grocery store or social events or even at school. I will have people walking up to me saying, ‘Hey, you are Mike Reed, I saw you on the news, I saw an article about you or a flyer on you.’ I know I’m not a household and I’m not there yet. But as far as locally, I have a big following.”

In regards to his craft, Reed has become more of a gym-rat and a student of the game, and has not allowed himself much time for recreation “after six to seven weeks of training camp.”

Which is normal.

Reed has improved on his skills and overall strength, and he humbly credits his training camp for his improvement.

“My training skills got a lot better. We train a lot harder since my last amateur fight up to now,” said Reed. “That allows me to throw more punches, throw harder punches for a longer period of time. Something I’ve been doing, but doing it more often. I fight harder and stronger for a longer period and that’s a credit to my training camp.”

Mike Reed (left) and Mike Pinson (right)/Juan Marshall

Mike Reed (left) and Mike Pinson (right)/Juan Marshall

Due to countless hours of training, one would think that Reed’s first thoughts in the morning would be of winning.

Nope, just oatmeal.

“First thing in the morning, normally, I think about what I’m going to eat after I brush my teeth (laughter),” said Reed. “If I’m on a break, I would cook something weird to eat. But if I’m training, I’ll eat some oatmeal. I enjoy eating oatmeal.”

Despite the outstanding start to his professional boxing career, Reed has not been courted or sought after by many well-known champions in his profession for encouragement and advice. Nevertheless, the accounting major from College of Southern Maryland is encouraged by his circle of influence. Albeit, Reed does have an appreciation for a couple of guys.

“I have a lot of trainers around me here (Dream Team Boxing Gym) and they give me good compliments and support,” said Reed. “We are like a family around here. They watched me grow and like the progress we had. If I had to point someone out it would be Lamont and Anthony Peterson. They and their people tracked my progression and they provide encouragement and they like where I’m going.”

Lamont Peterson is the IBF Light Welterweight Champion and is a residence of Maryland. He has a record of 32-2-1, 16 KOs. Peterson retained his IBF title in January when he defeated Canadian Dierry Jean. Like Reed, Peterson (30) started his professional fighting career off with an undefeated streak, lasting 27 matches. 

Anthony Peterso holds a record of 32-1, 21 KOs

To receive support from the Peterson brothers, it can work wonders for a 21-year old inspiring champion.

Mike Reed/Google Images

Mike Reed/Google Images

Clearly, to continue an undefeated streak like Peterson, Reed must duke it out with Morales for a victory Saturday. Morales is seasoned and Reed is aware of his opponent’s capabilities.

“He’s (Morales) tall, 5-9, has long arms and has a good jab,” said Reed. “But he’s not your average tall fighter. He’s a pressure kind of fighter, kinda like Antonio Margarito. (I’m) Not comparing him to Margarito, but his fighting style reminds me of him a little bit.”

Apparently, the great professional success and public attention have not gone to Reed’s head as his early accomplishments have only humbled him more. As he continues to stay focus, Reed will hunger more for wins.

Most specifically, the question will be, if Reed continues to stay undefeated after Saturday’s match against Morales, what will he treat himself to?

Will it be another burger or a steak?

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