Michael Vick Won The First Round To Be Starting QB For Eagles

By: Barry Barnes, Founder/Senior Writer

The Philadelphia Eagles were on the losing end of their matchup against the New England Patriots Friday evening, 31-22. However, for Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly, his answer of who will be his starting quarterback between veteran Michael Vick and Nick Foles may have manifested, slightly. Although Kelly did not give notice nor mentioned who will be his starting signal caller, Vick appeared to have won round one.

“I am trying to make a statement every day,” said Vick. “I promised myself that every snap I take I will try to treat it like my last. I know I have said that before and I want to continue to keep saying that, but that is just how I feel. Every day is competition, and to me competing against myself, trying to get better each and every day, trying to just enjoy the game, the respect and appreciation I have for the game of football now is uncanny and I appreciated that more than anything.

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Google Images

“That is going to drive me to continue to do my best in every possible situation,” he continued. “I know it is not always going to be right but at least I can work hard to put myself into a position where I can be.”

Kelly wanted to have an open competition for the starting quarterback position, and he should have a decision made after the third preseason game.

Vick may have the upper hand.

Vick started against the Patriots and played for two series, where he showed great movement and decision making. During that span, he completed four out of five attempts for 94 yards and a touchdown. Vick threw a 47-yard touchdown strike to wide receiver DeSean Jackson on his first possession.

Kelly stated that Vick made a great read.

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“Mike had a great read based on the coverage,” said Kelly. “Usually when you’re throwing deep, not everyone is running deep. You have check-downs and you have people running underneath. You have to read the coverage. It was a great play by Mike and DeSean, and obviously (DeSean) is a great weapon to use at our disposal. I thought Mike did a great job of reading the coverage and throwing it on time.”

Foles determined good poise and had a decent evening in his outings – but not as strong as Vick’s. The second-year man from Arizona finished with 43 yards off five for six attempts. Foles fumbled in his first series. For his second opportunity, Foles was excellent with his short balls and moved well to create for his receivers.

Foles produced a touchdown drive, with running back Bryce Brown’s eight-yard run to the endzone to cap his final possession.

“It’s huge, I mean I fumbled the ball which is never a good thing but I thought the guys mind set never changed,” said Foles. “Out defense did a great job they weren’t able to get any points off of it and we were able to go out there and just march right down the field.

Nick Foles/Google Images

Nick Foles/Google Images

“Brown and the line did a great job to get in the end zone so it’s always a great feeling when something happens, adversity happens in a game and you are able to come back from it and score a touchdown. It’s always a really good thing,” he continued.

Kelly will have Foles to start against the Carolina Panthers on Aug. 15. The newly acquired head coach was pleased with his quarterbacks, and according to the read-option master, they performances did not make his decision difficult.

“I thought they both did a good job,” said Kelly. “Nick unfortunately had that fumble on the series when we had the protection breakdown, but he came back and put a pretty good drive together. They both got us into the end zone, so I was pleased with how those guys played.

“It would make my decision harder if neither of them completed a pass,” he added. “I think they both played pretty well, and it gave me confidence in both those guys. That’s what you hope happens. I think both of those guys rose to the occasion, and I was excited with how both of those guys played.”

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Google Images

Round two of Vick-Foles at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly Thursday evening.


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