Cincinnati Bengals 2011 Preview: Young Thundercats Will Gain Via Trial By Fire


Andy Dalton/Google Images

Andy Dalton/Google Images



The Cincinnati Bengals went from having a solid playoff run in 2009 to a disappointing 2010 season.



Fortunately, for the Bengals, there’s always the opportunity for a fresh start with a new season and the schedule appears to be in their favor—only if Carson Palmer change his mind. 


The Bengals will have another hellish season. Palmer has demanded to be traded and threatened to retire if he doesn’t get his way. Bengals general manager Mike Brown has not blinked.  Reportedly, Palmer is expected to show up with the team, in hopes to force Brown to trade him because if Palmer is on the active roster, he will count $11.5 million against the team’s salary cap. Have no fear, the Bengals are nearly $30 million under the cap.



Although there are the usual suspects in the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns on the road and at home, at Paul Brown Stadium the Bengals will face two scary opponents in the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans.


A.J.Green (left), Dalton (right)/Google Images

A.J.Green (left), Dalton (right)/Google Images




However, rookies quarterback Andy Dalton, wide receiver A.J. Green and the other band of young Thundercats can build their confidence against the Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers.



On the road and based off the Bengals’ youth and their competitors—the St. Louis Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks—these contests could be toss-ups.



If key Bengals defenders who were placed on injured reserve last season return ready to go, the young Thundercats representing the team’s offense will have many opportunities to learn from their early mistakes. Eventually, the Bengals will become serious competitors in the AFC North once again, sooner rather than later.



Article via Bleacher Report

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