Washington Redskins: As Expected, Grossman Re-signs With Skins'

The Washington Redskins re-signed quarterback Rex Grossman to a one-year deal last Saturday, as expected.  Terms were not disclosed.  Instead of entering the season competing for the starting position, Grossman knows that he will be grooming, in terms of understanding the Redskins’ offensive system, the organization’s next franchise signal caller.

“I know they’re going to draft a franchise QB,” said Grossman Saturday, according to ESPN.

The Redskins traded with the St. Louis Rams to get their second-overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft in April to acquire, assumingly, Baylor University’s quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Rex Grossman/Google Images

Rex Grossman/Google Images

Last season, Grossman passed for 3,151 yards, 16 touchdowns and 20 interceptions in 13 games, as he completed 57.9 percent of his attempts. The Redskins finished their 2011 campaign with a 5-11 record.

The 6-1, 225-pounder from the University of Florida wants to remain with the Redskins and contribute to the team and the rookie quarterback’s expected soon success.

“If I’m on the team, I’m gonna help out that guy get up to speed, but I’ll also be ready to play,” said Grossman.  “I’m gonna be a good soldier, and I’ll be busting my ass to help him out.”

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