The Combine Report: Wildcard Weekend Preview – Who Will Make The Play For Their Squad, Smith Or Moore?

The second season of the 2018 NFL campaign kicks off with Wildcard Weekend, and showdowns within the NFL Regional Combine platform.

The Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts matchup will take center stage.



Kenny Moore II (left) vs Vyncint Smith (right)/Google Images


Texans rookie wide receiver Vyncint Smith has been groomed for such a time for this. He started the Texans’ season opener, had his first NFL reception in Week Three against the New York Giants and then sat out until he was truly ready to compete on this level.

Smith has the size, elite speed and potential to be a major weapon in Houston. Against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 16, the talent from Limestone College demonstrated that he is ready to fly after an amazing touchdown catch with less than two minutes left in the regulation.

Smith credits practice in preparing him for what he anticipates on game day.

“I take practice seriously,” said Smith, according “I like to practice how I play, so things sort of happen that that helps.”

When the Texans twice faced the Colts, Smith did not see the field. In being absent, he missed the opportunity of competing against Colts standout cornerback Kenny Moore II. Moore has been one of the better defensive backs in the NFL, let alone on the Indy’s roster. Moore came through the New Orleans RC process in 2017.

Moore led the Colts in interceptions with three and finished fifth on the team in tackles at 77, and 63 were solo stops. Moore does not shy from contact, can play the run and is solid playing nickel.

For Smith to be successful, the Texans will look to hit him deep on a couple of attempts early. If Smith is successful, the Colts may have to put Moore on him to rough up the rookie receiver. We maybe looking at a fun matchup for seasons to come.

In this one-game tournament, someone will be needed to make a play. In the majority of the times, the standout player of the team is expected to step up in challenging moments. However, that one athlete who flies under the radar, who is not game planned for and, boom, a star has landed.

Smith and Moore are still unknown talents for their squads. Nevertheless, both pioneers of the NFL Regional Combine are capable of being that guy.

Watch out for that Texans’ number 17 and Colts’ number 23 collision. Something special will happen.




Kamu Grugier-Hill (left), Roy Robertson-Harris/Google Images


As the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Chicago Bears, both defenses have solid RC contributors in Bears defensive tackle Roy Robertson-Harris and Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill.

Harris plays a major role in the NFL’ s top defense, while Grugier-Hill is a captain of the defending Super Bowl champs. One of those standouts will help propel their squad to the Divisional Round.




-Eagles linebacker B. J. Bello will look to be continuously effective on special teams.

-Dallas Cowboys defensive back C. J. Goodwin will bring Super Bowl experience when he takes on the Seattle Seahawks.

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