The Combine Report: The 2015 NFL Regional Combine (Chicago) – Saturday Offense

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

Chicago, ILL – While walking into the Chicago Bears Training Facility, which is affectionately recognized as the Walter Payton Center, the offensive talent was captivated with the murals of the legendary running back. After admiring the mini-museum showcasing Payton’s uniform and other memorabilia, the players quickly realized if they hope to accomplish what “Sweetness” did on the turf, their session at the NFL Regional Combine is the only pipeline towards that achievement.

Many players stepped up ready to embrace their destiny on Saturday, some made steps forward to get noticed and many realized that they have a long way to go if they want to fill Payton’s Kangaroo shoes.

There was a “red rocket” sighting from quarterback Sean McCartney, product of West Chester University. Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton garners the “red rocket” title for his red hair. The 6-2, 195-pound McCartney resembles Dalton’s look, and his nice touch on the ball down the field.

The pass catchers came through with their talents.

Wide receiver Lashawn Chapman of Waldorf was calm through the stream of workouts as he used his music to take him to another place mentally. The 6-3, 210 wide body receiver took his calmness to the field displaying balance and control, as well as speed and sound technique in his ball skills.

Kentucky State Clayton Patton II was confident in his drills, after he started to relax. When the individual drills were upon the receivers, Patton was at his best in his Pass Route and Sideline Tap-Tap Drills.

University of St. Francis wide receiver Troy Torrence didn’t have finest places to prepare himself for the Combine. Relying on his limited resources, Torrence went the extra mile in his travels to train with individuals who were in support of him at an open grass field in southside Chicago.

It’s safe to say that the Chicago native did not disappoint as the long pass catcher showed balance and control through his Short Shuttle and good ball catching skills.

Humboldt State was well represented during the 2015 NFL Regional Combine. The small institution housing a little over 8,000 students located in Arcata, California hopes to see another of their own achieve NFL glory, and Cass White may be their answer.

White is lighting quick and is a good route runner. He has the ability of catching the ball at its highest point for his size and possesses great leaping ability.

If all goes well, White could join fellow Jack in Taylor Boggs to the NFL, who is an offensive lineman for the Detroit Lions.

In terms of the complete package, Aramis Greenwood was the receiver of the day. Speed, quickness, power, hands and determination, the John Carroll product was at his best. Oftentimes, he nearly out ran his passes to only slow down to receive them.

The 5-11, 195-pound receiver was sharp in his turns and cuts, making his Pass Route, Over The Shoulder and Sideline Tap and Tap Drills look like child’s play.

The running backs of the day fashioned great skills. However, Ryan Herring embodied the whole package.

Herring is a bruising back from McKendree University who showed balance and control and pass catching abilities. He is light on his feet for an aggressive runner and is clearly built for gameday action. Herring reflected decent speed in his 40-yard dash, when the ball was in the air and the peel was handed to him, the 5-8, 200-pound Illinois native went to a higher gear.


Sunday, the final batch of offensive talent will walk onto the center Payton made. Hopefully, the next legend can be born through the NFL Regional Combine.

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