The Combine Report: The 2015 NFL Regional Combine (Chicago) – Saturday Defense

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

Chicago, Ill. – The NFL Regional Combine was stated as being a low-budget version of American Idol in comparison to the NFL Scouting Combine. Well, like the heading, the provider of that information was just as wrong as the content provided.

In a sense, the NFL Regional Combine is like the American Idol, just not low-budgeted in terms of talent. And after Saturday’s session, the potential for being idols in the NFL is likely to follow the pattern of the hit TV show.

Albeit, the NFL is a more proven reality program.

The defense showered the Walter Payton Training Facility, home of the Chicago Bears, with skills to turn NFL scouts’ heads. A few achieved the task, while some left more to be desired.

Emporia State cornerback  Deveon Dinwiddle had a solid workout as his speed and athleticism took center stage. Not to be compared to his younger brother Deshawn, who attended the NFL Regional Combine in Denver, Deveon is viewed by his brother as the better athlete.

Until now, Deveon didn’t know how his younger sibling felt about him.

Seattle Seahawks full back Derrick Coleman did not allow his hearing disability to disable his goal of getting to the NFL. Due to Coleman’s success, Lamar’s product Montez Hunter is looking to walk into his destiny.

Hunter is agile and possesses good speed and hands while posting an impressive vertical jump.  

Safeties Nathan Lindsey (Fort Hays State), Gray White Jr. (Eastern Michigan) and Mike Kagafas (Marist) showed out with their speed and hands.

Jabral Johnson of Oregon State played all three linebacker positions. Apparently, Johnson was overlooked by scouts because they couldn’t grade his talent properly. Clearly, that was not the case for Johnson as he viewed his experience as necessary in order to become a valuable defensive player.

Linebacker Terry Ross of Winston-Salem had a no-nonsense approach to his workouts as he showcase balance and control, combined with speed and power. While wrapped up in his orange dry-fit tights, Ross was focused and sure.

Terry Ross/

Terry Ross/

Defensive end Joseph Wiktorek moved rather quickly for a defensive lineman. To challenge him, the 6-3, 235-pound Illinois native switch over from the defensive tackle drills to the linebackers tests, on advice of the instructors. The quiet, collective Wiktorek never played a down as a linebacker, and after following his surprising performance Saturday, he may have to get familiar with the position as he pursues a career in the NFL.

Finally, Missouri defensive tackle Lucas Vincent lashed out with power as he approached his workouts. The big man moved like a big cat, showing great balance and control.

The NFL Regional Combine pulled out all the stops to give players more exposure as the NFL Draft draws near. Sunday’s NFL hopefuls will have their hands full.

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