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LockerTalk Podcast: 2019 NFL Draft – From The RC Platform, Who Was Drafted, Who Signed?

LockerTalk Podcast hosted by Barry Barnes Now with the 2019 NFL Draft in the books, who from the 2019

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The Combine Report: One Drafted, 13 RCI Talented Signed – And Some Watch List Notables

After the dust settled from the hours and days of training on practice fields and workout facilities, the competitive… Follow @@Locker_Report

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The Combine Report: 2019 NFL Draft – RCI Defensive Talents – Where They Fit

The 2019 NFL Regional Combine Invitational was rich with talented defensive players who were under the radar, and some… Follow @@Locker_Report

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The Combine Report: 2019 Gems Picked Up From The NFL Regional Combine Invitational

Just weeks removed from the 2019 NFL Regional Combine Invitational, many of the overlooked talents picked up from… Follow @@Locker_Report

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2019 NFL Regional Combine Invitational: Review – Defensive Talents Left No Rock Unturn

KANSAS CITY, MO – The New England Patriots proved that defense still wins championship as they man-handled the high-powered… Follow @@Locker_Report

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