2019 NFL Officiating Clinic

2019 NFL Officiating Clinic: Let’s Get The Call Right

PLANO, TX – The phrase heard often at the 2019 NFL Officiating Clinic is this, “Let’s get…Follow @@Locker_Report

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NFL Caretakers: Pass Interference, Instant Replay and The Human Element Come Together In 2019

PLANO, TX – NFL Officiating is both incredible and unique – skilled officials demonstrating the human element…Follow @@Locker_Report

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LockerTalk Podcast: 2019 NFL Officiating Mini-Clinic – Behind The Scenes Of America’s Game

LockerTalk Podcast hosted by Barry Barnes, originally aired 5/10/2019 Marvel’s Avengers: The Endgame and HBO’s Game of Thrones helped carried… Follow @@Locker_Report

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